...an ancient monument, but also...

the essence of Cornwall’s past, present and future.

Over a lot of years one of my hobbies has been photography. I’ve enjoyed taking pictures  (black and white ‘snaps’, then 35mm slides, then 35mm negative film) of things around me...just because they caught my eye, and I wanted to capture some of the serendipity of the world around me...its essence...before it disappeared.

Then, a few years ago I discovered the delights of digital  photography, and that through (almost) instantaneous feed back I could get the images to match better to the conceptions that the situations I saw set up in my head, to what I wanted to capture.

Recently I discovered a further piece of technology that has allowed me to stitch together a band of (up to 20!) photographs, so that shooting with a 10Mp digital camera allowed me to produce panorama shots that have a superb level of detail throughout - rather than the lesser detail obtained from one shot when it is enlarged to a panoramic form

Here are some of my ‘pieces’. Click on any picture and you will get a larger version. Please remember that all pictures are copyright material... but I can supply you with a printed version. If that’s what you want, or you want to comment on the site, then e-mail me at


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